MiniFalcon E-Scooter

Core Features

MiniFalcon Scooter was created to be taken with you anywhere. Folding up to less than two feet long while maintaining extremely high performance, long battery life, and tons of safety features. 

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Why MiniFalcon Electric Scooter

Ultra High Performance

Go up to 15.5 Mph and 9 miles on a single charge. MiniFalcon features a Kinetic Energy Recovery System which recharges your battery on downhills and while you break, keeping you on the road longer.


A durable and lightweight aerospace aluminum body ensures a reliable ride with shortened break time. While the anti-lock brake system allows you to maintain steering control when an obstacle appears.

Easy to Fold, Easy to Carry

From full sized e-scooter to your backpack in seconds. The rear folding wheel, 3x contraction steering pole, and foldable handlebars drastically reduces the packing size allow you to fit this scooter into our specially designed backpack.